Review: Shadow’s Dream: Kyn Kronicles Book 5 by Jami Gray

“Bewitching” Second Chance Paranormal Romance, 4 Stars

I’m a big fan of Jami Gray’s fantasy romance novels! I’m working my way through all her series now. In the world of the Kyn Kronicles, all the paranormal creatures comprise the Kyn. As is usual for this genre, the Kyn live in the human world but keep their abilities and differences hidden from ordinary people. One of the interesting things the Kyn wrestle with is whether or not to reveal their existence. They know it carries risk, but they are aware that advancing human technology makes it unlikely they will be able to keep their existence secret much longer.

Each book in the series features one couple. Shadow’s Dream is Tala and Cheveyo’s story. They are both powerful witches, heads of their territories, and former lovers. Their story is a second chance romance that includes mystery, suspense, and magic.

I’m completely hooked on this series. Though I have noticed some editing mistakes including typos, grammar errors, and misspelling, the story is so riveting I can overlook these flaws. 

I highly recommend all of Jami Gray’s books. I gave this one four stars instead of five only because of the editing issues.

Witch Trial Legacy #Snippet Sunday

Today’s snippet is Sybilla’s vision from Witch Trial Legacy.

Sybilla Sanborn must break a centuries old curse before everything she cares about goes up in smoke.

Sybilla is a nurse gifted with the ability to heal with her touch but cursed with visions of future tragedies she cannot prevent because no one heeds her warnings. With help from the mediums of the spiritualist town of Cassadaga, Florida, she learns she is descended from both the first person executed for witchcraft in this country and the man who accused her.

Conn Ahern is an Iraq war vet dealing with pain and PTSD while working as a paramedic and struggling to save the ranch his grandmother founded. He’s an atheist who wants nothing to do with the people of the town.

When Conn and Sybilla meet, sparks fly, but not always in a good way, and their relationship fans the flames of jealousy and revenge in someone who doesn’t want them to work things out.

During a séance, her ancestor’s spirit reveals how Sybilla can rid herself of the curse and save Conn, but the price may be too high.

Sybilla’s Vision

Something tickled Sybilla’s pharynx, then clogged her chest.

Neelie turned to her. “Are you okay?”

Sybilla’s eyes burned and watered. Her lungs constricted, and she gasped. The contaminated air sent her into a coughing jag. Finally, she caught her breath and cleared her throat. “Smoke.”

Neelie sniffed. “I don’t smell anything.”

Tears streamed from Sybilla’s eyes and blurred her vision. She blinked and brushed away the moisture. Flashes of orange light, searing heat, and acrid fumes spewed forth around her. Where is it?

Neelie led her to a bench next to the store. “Sit down.” Grabbing a pamphlet from a nearby table, she fanned Sybilla.

Old wooden structures are tinderboxes. The whole town is in danger, but where do I tell the fire department to go to? Sybilla swiped at her eyes again and stood. With panicked glances around her, she searched for the source of the flames.

Neelie shook her. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Fire. Call 911.”

Neelie turned in all directions. “Nothing’s burning.”

Sybilla’s eyes cleared. The suffocating odor disappeared. Oh no, not again. Her gut churned. Must find out more, but I don’t want to worry Neelie and I know better than to tell anyone about the visions. The people I confide in always react the same way.

Brow furrowed and lips pursed, Neelie stared at her.

Sybilla strained her lips into a grin. “Sorry, something made me dizzy for a minute, but I’m okay now. Let’s eat.”

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How Well Do You Know the History of this Country’s Witch Trials?

Who was the first person executed for witchcraft in this country? When and where did it happen?

If you said Bridget Bishop in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, you would be wrong.

Although the Salem witch trials are the most well-known, Alse (Alice) Young was the first person executed for witchcraft in this country in the colony of Connecticut on May 26, 1647, around 45 years before the hysteria in Salem. Like most of those victims, Alse was hanged.

Little is known about her. She lived in Windsor and had a daughter also named Alse who was accused of the same crime about 30 years after her mother’s death but was never indicted. It was common practice at that time to name daughters after their mothers. Sadly, family members of the people arrested were frequently persecuted as well.

Historians believe the senior Alse’s husband was John Young. However, the only substantiation of this was a notation on the back of an alchemical physician’s note stating Young had been married to a woman who was executed for witchcraft in Hartford.

There is no record of why Alse was denounced, or any evidence presented against her. There was an outbreak of influenza at the time and many people died. Alse may have been blamed due to superstition and fear.

The Windsor town council formally exonerated Alse on February 6, 2017. A memorial service for her was held there on May 26, 2017, and a brick engraved with her name is among the memorial bricks beneath the flagpole near town hall.

Here are a couple of references to learn more about Alse. (This link has a photo of the memorial brick.)

In my recently released novel, Witch Trial Legacy, Alse appears in spirit form to help the heroine, who is a descendant of hers, break a curse which gives her visions of future tragedies but prevents anyone from believing her when she tries to warn them.

I took some writer’s license with Alse’s story. I made her an attractive, well-to-do widow pursued by a greedy neighbor and changed her daughter’s name to “Truth”. Having mother and daughter characters with the same name could be confusing for readers, and since Puritans often named babies after virtues, I thought “Truth” would be the perfect name for Alse’s daughter. She is the only one who acknowledges the real reasons behind Alse’s execution. She also manipulates the town’s perceptions of reality in order to obtain her revenge.

It’s a shame that Alse and other victims from Connecticut are not better known today. We hear a lot about Salem, but little about other areas. Too many lives were lost due to superstition. I’m hoping to help spread the word so that more people realize the tragic circumstances and commemorate these little known victims.

Witches and Fae

Fall is the time for witches, fae, and things that go bump in the night! It’s a spooky time when days grow colder and shorter, and the line between reality and possibility thins a bit more each day. If you’re like me and love the otherworldly, celebrate your appreciation of the paranormal. Check out these 83+ books available now on KU. They all look fantastic and I can’t wait to read them myself.