Review of 3 Minutes to Midnight by L.M. Hatchell: 4 Stars


Refreshing Premise with a Well-written Story

I really enjoyed this book! For a change from many books in this genre, the ancient prophecy doesn’t foretell the birth of the savior of the world, but the one who will destroy it. Phoenix knows she’s considered an abomination in the supernatural world, and she doesn’t want any part of it anyway. She loves her simple life with humans, but the paranormals are not about to let her get away. This story had plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and surprises around every corner. I liked the characters and rooted for Phoenix throughout the book. Of course, I had to buy the second book in the series, and now I can’t wait for the third. The books do end on cliff-hangers. I would have preferred that each book complete a narrative arc, but I’ll definitely buy more from this author.

Here’s the blurb:

A small Dublin pub …

… holds the key to humanity’s survival.

Who will learn its secret?

Half vampire, half fae, Phoenix is an abomination in the eyes of the supernatural community. Screw them! She’s more than happy to play human in the cosy Irish pub she calls home.

At least until an annoying werewolf comes knocking.

Because Phoenix may be done with the supernatural world, but it’s not quite done with her.

Her birth has triggered a prophecy, and now the clock is ticking. Humanity will be the first to suffer for her existence.

Everything, and everyone, she loves is in danger, and as the body count rises Phoenix must learn to embrace the darkest parts of herself.

Or lose it all.

If you like gripping urban fantasy with some serious attitude, you’ll love this debut novel from Irish author L.M. Hatchell.

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Katherine Smits is a direct descendant of Susannah Martin, one of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials. Katherine grew up wanting to be a mermaid but discovered to her dismay this was not a viable career choice. Instead, she became a clinical social worker and helped veterans and their families. Now she brings social work training and experience to her stories of mermaids, mages and magical creatures. Within the context of fantasy and romance, her novels explore real-life issues of self-acceptance, body image, relationship dynamics, and fears and phobias. Mystery, suspense, and a little sex add spice to her books.

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